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Ickle Bubba Orb Highchair review video

Emma likes to share her experiences with the Ickle Bubba Orb Highchair: 'Hello, my name is Emma. I'm the mother of two, a thirtheen year old girl and a seventeen months old boy. The Orb Highchair is very contemporary in appearance. It's designed to be suitable for baby's from birth to approximately three years of age. We've been using it now since Thomas was 10 months old and I found it to be really practical. Especially the 160 degrees rotation which we use quite alot, as Thomas likes to know his whereabouts. The higchair can be taken apart and folding in to a nice compact position which is brilliant for storage or transportation. It's got a very comfortable memory foam seat with padded safety straps. So comfy in fact Thomas has fallen asleep a couple of times after a good feed. The chair got a tilt back mode which we haven't really used as Thomas is old enough to support his own wheight when we first had it. But I can imagine it's very useful for a newborn. It has a removable foot tray, which we also find very useful. We use it alot because Thomas likes to be included while we are sitting at the table having our family dinner. The Orb has a lovely smooth hygienic finish which is brilliant for keeping it nice and clean. All in all it's packed full of handy features. We love it, we find it really useful for Thomas and I hope you find it useful too. Bye for now!' - reacties


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