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Kleine Dreumes Pippi-carrier review video English

Niram explains about the Pippi-carrier, which is used to put on top of your shopping cart, to put your Maxi-Cosi on top of that, so you don't have to carry that along in store. Niram likes it because of two reasons. The first one, because Niram is small and carrying around a maxi-Cosi in store is not that nice. Second reason is that her baby is safely strapped and can see everything from up there. It works easy; it is foldable and it comes in a really nice pouch. It fits in your own bag or baby bag. it folds out easy and then you only have to strap it on to the shopping cart. Easy does it. Watch the Pippi Carrier review video and see the experiences of Niram. Perhaps it is something for you? - reacties


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