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Doona buggy review by Johanna

Johanna shares her experiences with the Doona from Simple Parenting: 'My name is Johanna and I’m the mother of three children. I’m going to tell you about the Doona from Simple Parenting. When my husband and I were expecting our third child we looked around for products that would really meet the family’s unique needs. We like to travel often and for us traveling with a small child is always a challenge.The Doona, a car seat that can change right into a stroller, is a great travel solution for us in and out of the car. The Doona goes all the way to the plain, you can check it and you can eather harness it to the seat or you can check it by folding it into it’s travelbag and then it’s waiting for you right when you get of the plane. No need for car rental seats and don’t need to lug an extra stroller around on the trip. The Doona is also very steady so I can push it through the airport or anywhere with one hand while my other hand is free to pull lugagge or to hold the hands of my older kids. We also live in the city center so we use a lot of public transportation and the Doona has been great. I don’t think twice aboutgetting in and out of a taxi, no need to even pop the trunk open. An added bonus for us is also that our six year old daughter likes to push her baby brother around with the handels in the shortest position. That helped a lot with getting around with three kids all by myself. The only concern I can think of is that in the future months my baby, who is already big for his age, will outgrow the 13 kg limit of the Doona and I will have to look for another solution. Thanks for listening and I hope this review was helpful. Till next time.' - reacties


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