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Ickle Bubba Galaxy Car Seat review

Hannah likes to share her experiences with the Ickle Bubba car seat: 'Hi my name is Hannah, I’m the mother of a little girl called Isabelle who just turned eight months. The product I’m reviewing today is the Ickle Bubba car seat and Isofix. I was really pleasantly surprised by this product. We currently had another brand that we were using and we were very happy with that, so our expectations for this product were really high. That said, I was really pleased with this car seat and I would really recommend this product. The car seat itself is really nice, really compact and it has a good weight so it's not to heavy. When I have my daughter in it, it is still easy to transport. The seat belt on it is really padded, which is really comfortable for her. I have to say that it was more padded than the one that we were using and she seemed to be more secure in it. Once you click the seatbelt into place you can also adjust it, which was really handy and something that te other car seat that we had didn’t use. In terms of the Isofix, this is the manual Isofix. The one that we've been using was an automated one. But actually we prefer the manual one. The automated one has a safety feature which is very sensitive and is always going off so it actually becomes a bit annoying. The manual one we knew was in place and it was really steardy. And actually we had the benifit of the safety device not going off and waking my daughter. The car seat can also go onto a pram and again this was really handy and fitted really well. So all and all I would really recommend this product and we are very happy with it. Thank you.' - reacties


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