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Review Thule Chariot Cougar 1

Laura loves to share her experiences with the Thule Chariot Cougar 1: 'Hi everyone, I'm Laura and I'm the very proud mommy of 15 months old baby Rafael and together we tried out the Thule Cougar 1 with joggingkit stroller. It's a very sporty stroller, it has many different ways to use it. We went running with it through the dunes and the park, we also went walking with it. You can also put the bike accessory on. We biked with it, because you pull the car behind your bike. You can also get swivel wheels for it, for the front, so that it's basically like a regular stroller just a bit more sporty. It has very good storage compartments so you can put a diaperbag or a waterbottle or toys or whatever you need to put in. It's large and it can hold up to 4 kilos. There are also great compartments in the cabin, I call it the cabin. The seat belt is a very secure 5 point seat belt, there is a good suspension system that you can adjust when your kid is a bit heavier or lighter. You can even go skiing with if you have the right accessory for it. Beware when you buy it that you make sure that you have the right wheels because it doesn't standard come with swivel wheels or the joggingkit. You have to buy it seperately. We had a great time with the Cougar 1. We reccomend it to other people because it's really versitle, you can do many different sports with it, many different activities and your kid has a great time because they get fresh air. It's a lot of fun, it's very practical and it folds up easily. If I want to put it in the car to drive to the dunes or the park, I can easily do it by myself. It comes in red, it comes in a different color aswell. Avocodo I think they call it. We love it, we would reccomend it to other people and we had a lot of fun with it. Thanks and I hope you liked this review. Bye'. - reacties


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