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Julia likes to share her experiences with the CONCORD WANDERER buggy: 'Hi all I'm Julia, busy mom of two, talking to you today about the Wanderer buggy from Concord. This is an all-terrain buggy suitable for children from 6 months up untill 15 kg. When we say all-terrain it means this thing will go anywhere. It has hard wheels and suspension which means no matter what the terrain, baby will have a smooth ride. Now this is a feature packed buggy. So much that I don't think I have the time to tell you about all the features, so I'm just going to pick my favorites: it has a generous suncap with a ventilation flap in the top to let the hot air out on warm days. In the crossbar there is a windgard that you can pull down over the knees of your baby and when you don't need it, you just roll it back up and zipp it away. The handle on the buggy is high adjustable which means how tall or how small you are, you can always find a comfortable driving position. The buggy is really light to drive. Also the handle is situated far enough back from the buggy which means that you can walk directly behind it, at a normal rate. In fact you can even use really long strides and get a good pace going. But my favorite function on this buggy is the reclinable seat. You can recline it with one hand and as it goes down, the sides extend down which creating this lovely cocoon. The seat goes almost completely horizontal and in conjunction with the footrest, which is also adjustable, you can make almost a bed on wheels. Safe, secure and cozy for a nap on te way while you're out and about. This buggy is well made, robust and steardy and will insure the comfort of you and your little one as they grow. I thoroughly recommend it. I hope you've enjoyed this review!' - reacties


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