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Lottie tells about her experiences with the CONCORD WANDERER buggy:'Hi my name is Lottie and with the help of my daugther Emily I'm going to tell you a little bit about the Concord Wanderer buggy. I've been using this buggy for a while now and I really like it, it's really nice. I love the fact that it can be rearward facing or forward facing. It's really nice to have Emily forward facing so we can chat as we are walking along and talk about all te different thing that are happening. It's a kind of off-road buggy almost. I'ts really good and designed to take it out in the woods and off the usual paths. Which is lovely because this means we can go exploring as a family with the older boys and Emily can come along too. The Wanderer is made really well, it has good material and it's a really substantial buggy. The seat is quite big so there is plenty of room for Emily to grow in. It lies down flat and this is literally a one hand motion to get it down to flat and back up again. The buggy has a nice sunhood and an extra sun sail that comes with it. Which is great for keeping the sun out of her eyes on those hot sunny days. Not so good in the wind, but that's fine. I'm really impressed with how much room Emily has in it but also in comparison, when you actually fold it down the buggy is very small. So that is really good for transporting it around. Other great things about the Concord is that it has reflectors on the wheels and on the handlebars which just makes it a little bit safer at night. Generally it's a really nice buggy and I would recommend it. Hope that was useful, thank you very much. Bye!' - reacties


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