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Review video CONCORD NEO

Eva likes to share her experiences with the NEO buggy from CONCORD:'Hi everyone my name is Eva, a fulltime working mom of two boys. Today I'll be talking to you about the Concord Neo buggy. A pretty cool looking buggy with a sporty design. It features removable and washable covers, very convenient for small babies, and an extra large basket where I can put all my groceries and baby stuff. The buggy is pretty steardy but not as light as it claims to be. Altough the fact that I can fold it into one, single, compact unit really makes up for it. The NEO provides for a very smooth drive and it's suspension ensures that Vincent won't notice if we go onto a bumpy road. The two by two wheels ensure high manoeuvrability, I can push it around with one hand and brake with one hand. What I really love about this buggy though are the extra features you wouldn't as easily find in other buggies. For instance, it has a rear- and forward-facing seat with three different inclinations and it has a handlebar that is adjustable so both my husband and toddler can push the Concord around. Also, it had an integrated wind protector. Very convenient if it suddenly starts raining because I can just instantly pull it out and protect my baby. It also has an extra sun canopy which provides a 100% shade. So you don't have to worry about your baby getting too much sun. Lastly the buggy is very high, so Vincent can participate in everything we do. We can even push him to the table when we are having dinner so that he even participates in that. All in all it's a really cool buggy with very cool features. The NEO is on the pricy end, but all these features make up for it. I highly recommend it. I hope you enjoyed my review and I hope to see you soon at Mommytalks!' - reacties


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