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Lucile shares her experiences about the TRANSFORMER XT car seat from CONCORD: 'Hi my name is Lucile, I'm the mother of two little girls. A 4 year old and a 6 months old. I'd like to share my experience with the Concord Transformer XT. The Transformer XT is a really nice car seat for children ages 3 to 12 which is a very long age range. It's made possible with a button at the back that simply expands te car seat in hight and width. It's a very comfortable car seat. My little girl can see out of the window very well and it's padded at the side so she can sleep comfortably and it also has a forward-position as well as a more upright one. Ofcourse the most important in a car seat is it's safety and this one is very safe. The XT got a hard shell, a triple layer protection on the sides, it's got a clip for the shoulder strap so you know it's not going to slip out and it uses the Twinfix system. Two connectors at the back hook onto the Isofix system of your car and the seat cannot move. It's a really nice system I haven't come across it on car seat of that type and I really like that. The Transformer XT lookes really good. The upholstery is very nice and it feels like your child is about to take of in a space rocket in it! Ofcourse children like that. The upholstery actually is removable, very easily as well which is perfect in case of any spillage. All in all we really love it. I hope this review has helped and thanks for watching!' - reacties


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