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Easywalker Harvey stroller review

Sarah shares her experiences with the Easywalker Harvey stroller: 'Hi, my name is Sarah and I'm the mother of two. I would like to share a little bit about the Easywalker Harvey stroller. It's an extentable stroller so I can actually convert my single stroller into a double stroller. The Harvey has a carrycot for my youngest son, who is 6 months, and he can actually sleep in the cot which is really nice. It has a thick mattress so I'm also able to use the cot when I go somewhere else and he can sleep there. It also comes with a seat, my daugther loves sitting in the seat. She wants to climb in it herself, she's like a little queen. So I think that's a good testament to the product. The stroller had four adjustable positions so she can sit really upright in the seat, but is she's napping in the stroller I can put is completely down aswell. It also is very easy to maneuver. So whether you are using it with one child or with two children, the stroller is very easy maneuvrable because it has four wheels that are made of compressed foam. Therefore the stroller moves very well on multiple different surfaces. All in all the Easywalker Harvey is really easy to use. It's easy to collapse, it's easy to change from seat to cot and vice versa and I think the name Easywalker is very well chosen. And it's also really pretty! I would definitely recommend this stroller, especially if you have two kids that are close in age that both still need to be in a stroller. I hope this review helps and thanks for watching!' - reacties


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