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Review video Easywalker Harvey stroller

Niram talks about her experiences with the extentable Easywalker Harvey stroller: 'Hi everyone, I'm Niram. I'm the mom of Bibi who's 3 and Olivia who's about to turn one. Today I want to talk to you about my experiences with the Easywalker Harvey stroller. The Harvey is a stroller that can go from a single stroller to a duo stroller. You can use it with a cot but you can also use it with a seat and i've been using it with one seat either for my youngest or with two seats for my eldest and my youngest. And I must say I really like it! The extentable stroller is really easy to use, you can navigate it really easily. The wheels are made of hard plastic with foam on the inside so you can easily go off-road with it or on a bumpy road, take turns really easy. I also think that the Harvey has a really luxurious feel to it. The fabric looks really nice, the way it's been stitched, the leather on the handlebar. There where some downsides to it; I didn't think that putting it together was very easy. I had to have my husband do it because for me it was a little bit difficult. I'm quite short so it's really a bit difficult to put the axle on it and especially get it off again. It was also not that easy that the handlebar has two clips on the side that you have to click open if you want to adjust the handlebar height. Especially because my husband and I are different heights. But overall it is a really nice stroller. It's really easy to fold up and take with you and I like the fact that you can use it in a reverse so you can turn the seat around. Overall my experiences were very positive with the Easywalker Harvey stroller. I hope you've enjoyed my review. See you next time, bye!' - reacties


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