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Philips | Marvel Spider-Man lamps review video in English

The Spiderman Lamps with LED lights are great for the kids of Renee. Renee shares her experiences with these Philips | Marvel lamps of Spider-Man. The table lamps with soft LED light is perfect to read bedtime stories. The projector lam also has a soft light and images of Spider-Man, but can also be used as a projector, the kids love to play with it. Renee also has a Spider-Man torch, which is especially made for the small hands of her kids and has soft buttons. If her boys wake up in the middle of the night and he moves, the sensor lamps will turn on and Max can go to the toilet himself, which makes life easier to Renee and her husband. All lamps are really child friendly, there is no risk of the kids harming themselves. Check out her review video and perhaps it these lamps are also interesting for you? At least it is a great present for the Spidere-man fans. - reacties


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