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Shea Mooti review video by Laura

Laura likes to tell you something about the products of Shea Mooti: 'I’m Laura and I’m a very proud mommy of a sixteen weeks old baby boy Rafael. Together we tried out the products of Shea Mooti. Which is a natural skincare line for mothers and baby’s from the UK. We tried out their Baby’s Gentle Lotion, the Baby’s Gentle Head To Toe Wash, the Baby’s Soothing Bath Soap and the Baby’s Everything Balm. What I like most about the products is that they are chemical free, there are no artificial fragrances or colourings, they have no mineral oils and they just feel realy good on and the packageing looks nice. We really liked the head toe wash. I didn’t really liked the Soothing Bath Soap. Although it has natural camomile flowers and oatmeal in the powder, it didn’t absorbed very wel in the bathwater and I felt it made a little bit of a mess in the bath. But the Gentle Lotion is really nice for after the bath. It absorbs really nicely into the skin and the Everything Balm aswell for a bit of dry skin on the cheeks. I feel like the products are very wel priced. I would recommend them to other mommy’s, we will definitely use them again and my son seems to enjoy them. I hope you liked the review and thank you very much.' - reacties


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