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Shea Mooti Baby's Everything Body Balm review by Lottie

Lottie, mother of three, loves to share her experiences with the Baby's Everything Body Balm from the brand Shea Mooti. Lottie loves the fact that the baby body balm contains a blend of virgin shea butter, natural oils and is fragrance free. Therefore the balm is suitable for newborn skin and sensitive skin in general. The balm is really soft on Lottie's hands when she's using it and all of her kids skin has liked it. From her three year old through to her five months old, all of their skin has come out beautifully from using it. She loves that the body balm can be used on their face, scalp, on their bodies and on their nappy areas. Now she is able to to use only one product instead of using multiple bottles. The Shea Mooti Body Balm comes in a small package and is easy to take with you. An advantage according to Lottie is the fact that it's a natural balm free from chemicals and that she know whats in the product. Lottie is very enthusiastic about this baby body balm. She will definitely buy it again and she highly recommends it. Watch her review video right here. - reacties


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